ChannelRUSH, A Better Experience

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, ChannelRUSH is a hospitality software company that specializes in providing channel management software solutions. Our company goal is to create easy to use, efficient, and reliable hotel channel management products, while also providing excellent customer service day in and day out.

ChannelRUSH office

Where Service Is The Difference

No do-it-yourself found here! The ChannelRUSH team, comprised of experienced hospitality professionals and knowledgeable support staff, takes a partnership approach in working with each and every ChannelRUSH customer, sharing our knowledge to ensure that the customer distribution and connectivity goals are achieved.

Our Core Competency

We subscribe to the "one step removed" philosophy - if a new product or idea is more than "one step" outside of being directly related to hotel channel management solutions, we don't pursue it. This helps us focus on only providing the best channel management solutions possible - and not trying to provide products that are outside of our expertise.

Software Development Professionals

Developing great software - it's our craft, and we are passionate about it. We consider our software developers to be one of our greatest assets - providing professional, hands-on software design and continued development. This allows us to control every level of development while incorporating customer feedback.

Reliability & Information Security

We run all of ChannelRUSH's products and services in Google's Cloud Computing Platform, engineered to be one of the most reliable and secure cloud computing environments in the business. In addition to all of Google's security measures, we ahdere to the best security practices from 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer to being PCI DSS compliant.

Quality of Service

Many of our customers have had a bad experience with other providers in our industry. Once they find ChannelRUSH, recognizing the expertise and value we provide on a daily basis, we have a customer for life. We pride oursevles one creating reliable software solutions - one reservation missing is one too many.

Excellent User Experience

We believe business software should be as easy to use as your favorite consumer applications. Your hotel's revenue manager and the night auditor both deserve powerful and intuitive applications.

From some of our customers...