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Reliable & Secure
We operate in Google’s GCP, engineered to be one of the most reliable and secure cloud computing environments in the business.


Intuitive Software
Our software executes in real-time and is reliable, but is also easy to use.

Technical Expertise
Developing great software – it’s our craft, and we are passionate about it! Our developers provide quality software design and continued development.
{I have been using the channel manager provided by ChannelRUSH for my hotel business and I have been extremely satisfied with their performance. Their customer service is amazing, they are always available to answer my questions and help me with any issues that I have. Thanks!
Jacob, GM
{In today’s revenue management competitive setting, nothing is as important as your rates and inventory distribution. ChannelRUSH has been a key component in helping me to maximize my hotels revenue and versatility. Not having to worry about technical support or delayed updates makes my job easier. The system is not only easy to understand and manage, it is also affordable for small independent hotels that have limited revenue management training.
Richard, CHRM
{As a hotel owner, I have been using the software and services provided by ChannelRUSH for a while now, and their customer service is truly outstanding. They are always available to assist me and provide me with the information I need to make informed decisions.
Mercy, Hotel Owner
{I have been using the software and services provided by ChannelRUSH for my small hotel and their customer service is top-notch. They are always available to help me out and provide me with the information I need to run my business.
{I have been using the software and services provided by ChannelRUSH for my hotel chain, and their customer service has been exceptional. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help me resolve any issues that come up.
{GNI and ChannelRUSH started their partnership over 5 years ago. ChannelRUSH has provided us excellent service and consistent level of technological upgrades throughout the years, regularly updating their system with new interesting features to keep up with the technology. Through a secure environment and two-way connectivity with our property management system, the automation through ChannelRUSH for 12 properties across California has helped us simplify our processes updating our partner distribution channels all at once. The real- time PMS integration updates inventory, rates, and reservation delivery with high level of success.
Good Night Inns

A Hospitality Software Company
Passionate About
User Experience and Product Design

We Love Product!
Our customers are a big part of our development process, as we listen and incorporate feedback into our product designs.
Quality Customer Service
We work with you each step of the way to ensure that you are successfully onboard and your hospitality distribution goals are continued to be achieved.
Core Competency
15+ years in the game creating high quality and reliable hospitality distribution solutions.
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 18 Years In The Hospitality Software Business

We’re a group of industry professionals dedicated to creating quality hospitality distribution software user experiences since 2005.

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