It’s Time To Adopt a CMS Designed for Hotels

Our hotel content management system allows you to have one place to organize all of your hotel’s photos, property and room type descriptions, location coordinates, and amenities.
Hotel Content Management System
content distribution

Content Distribution

Our Hotel CMS system stands out by offering versatile content delivery options. Easily provide URLs, send zip files, or push real-time updates to OTAs. This flexibility in content management positions your hotel ahead in the market, ensuring timely and efficient information distribution.


Centralized Content

We offer a single platform for your team to access and manage all hotel photos and descriptions. This cohesive approach simplifies content control, streamlines operations, and enhances efficiency in your hotel business.

photo management

Photo Management

The Hotel CMS System is ideal for resorts with limited front desk hours, offering automatic close-outs once the desk closes. This feature ensures seamless operations and enhances guest service efficiency in your hotel business, catering specifically to the unique needs of resort-style accommodations.

Easily manage content with Our Hotel CMS

In today’s hospitality industry, a robust Hotel Content Management System (CMS) is crucial. Our innovative hotel CMS system is specifically designed to meet this need, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in managing your hotel’s online content. From updating room descriptions to promoting special events, our system streamlines every aspect of digital content management. It’s not just a tool. It’s a strategic asset in enhancing your hotel’s online presence and guest engagement. In an industry where the digital experience can make or break guest perceptions, our Hotel Content Management System stands as a vital component, ensuring your property remains competitive and appealing in the fast-paced digital world of the hospitality industry.

Boost Hospitality Efficiency: Quick OTA Updates & Streamlined Workflows

In the hospitality industry, our system streamlines operations by saving time, organizing workflows, and enabling quick content updates on your OTAs, ensuring your business stays agile and efficient.



Our CMS stands out in hotel marketing by efficiently storing and organizing content for diverse on-property amenities like restaurants, spas, wedding venues, and nightclubs, streamlining your promotional strategies.

multiple properties

Multiple Properties

Gain convenience with our system, offering a single, integrated platform to access and manage content for all your properties, ensuring streamlined operations and cohesive management across your entire real estate

automatic 1

Quit Doing It Manually

The CMS for hotels is ideal for resorts with limited front desk hours, featuring automatic close-outs post office closure. This ensures uninterrupted service and optimal room management, even when the front desk is not staffed, enhancing operational efficiency.

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