Channel Manager APIs

This API is for adding channel manager capabilities to your software platform.

These include…

– Connecting your software platform to distribute ARI (availability, rates, and inventory) to points of sale like and
– Retrieving reservations created on these points of sale for storage back in your software platform

We have two version of this API – if you don’t have a preference, we recommend developing the JSON API.

Channel Manager PMS API – JSON Spec

Channel Manager API – XML Spec
This API provides the same functionality as the ‘Channel Manager PMS API – JSON Spec’ above, but is designed and developed using the XML specification.

OTA (Online Travel Agent) APIs

There are two models to book reservations, the CRS model or the OTA model.

This API is for booking reservations on your platform in real-time:

– Pulling all property content to create a booking page and book a reservation – room type descriptions, photos, etc.
– Querying against live rate / availability / restriction information, and placing reservations.
– Search for available properties by location

With this API you create an API endpoint on your side to receive and process our rate / availability / restriction messages, setup call messages, reservation actions (optional), and either send to our endpoint (or allow us to poll for reservations created) (new / modified / cancelled).