The Channel Manager API
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Send rates, availability, inventory for distribution and receive booked reservations right from your software application using our Channel Manager API.

easy to implement.

Our Channel Manager API allows you to add channel management to your hospitality software application.

Instead of managing all of these APIs yourself (which is very time and resource consuming, trust us on this one), focus on your core product and outsource your channel manager requirements to us.

Channel Manager API 1
OTA Compliant

OpenTravel.org Compliant XML interface available (standard messages, without any customization).


In addition we also have a JSON REST API available which is lightweight, direct, and easy to implement.


High performing and efficient, all data data is processed in real-time.


Real-Time ARI Distribution

Send rates, availability, and inventory for distribution to the hotel’s points of sale.

Receive Reservations

Pickup or push reservations to your system when as soon as they are booked.

Administrative Backend

Login to see all of the properties managed under your API account.

All of the Features You Need in One API

Our JSON REST API is fast, lightweight, stateless, and easy to implement.


Retrieve all property and room type descriptions, amenities, and photos on the fly. 

Create, Modify, and Cancel

Create, modify, or cancel reservations placed via the API.

Optimized Photos

Photos load lightning quick – this improves page load times, which increases conversions (i.e. bookings).

ARI Image

Provide a summary of available booking dates outside of the start and end date entered from the customer.



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About Our Channel Manager API

Our Channel Manager API allows you to connect your software application to our channel manager to provide channel management services. This includes the ability to send rates, availability, and restrictions for distribution and receive reservations booked from these points of sale.

Send Availability, Rates, and Inventory for Distribution

Send availability, rates, and inventory to multiple points of sale via a single API. You can send per room type, rate plan, specific channel, or a combination of all criteria.

Receive Reservations

You can either poll our system for pickup and confirmation of reservations booked, or we can push directly to an endpoint you provide. Reservations are available to retrieve as soon as they are booked.

Administrative Backend

Login to an administrative portal to see all of the accounts connected via your Channel Manager API. View processing activity, reservations, and setup new accounts or configure existing ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Just month to month – if you cancel, you are only responsible for the month you cancelled in.