Happy Holidays!

Wishing you the gifts of the season — Peace, Joy, Hope, Family, Friends, and Laughter.

From everyone here at ChannelRUSH, we send you the warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

We look forward to working with you in 2017. :-)

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"Minimum/Maximum Nights" vs "Minimum/Maximum Nights Through"?

We have always had "Minimum Nights" and "Maximum Nights" (aka "Minimum Nights Arrival", "Maximum Nights Arrival", "Minimum Length Of Stay", "Minimum LOS", "Maximum Length of Stay", "Maximum LOS") as standard restriction features, and are defined as follows -

Minimum Nights (aka Minimum Nights Arrival)
A Minimum length of stay on arrival restriction limits availability by specifying a number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the restriction date as the arrival date.

Max ...


Encryption 101

Here at ChannelRUSH we are always mindful of security and best practices, so we thought we would pass along this info graphic from Google about your friend - encryption!

From Google:

"We use locks to keep our homes and our possessions safe offline. But how can we protect our digital things, like photos on a smartphone or email traveling across the web? The answer is encryption.

Encryption scrambles your data so that only you can read it. To anyone else, it's unintelligible, random dat ...


Encryption - HTTPS, SSL, & SHA2

This month web browsers will begin to show an error in the browser's URL bar when websites have SSL certificates (i.e. "https://" websites) issued in an algorithm called SHA1, as this algorithm is becoming outdated for encryption purposes.

This is just a notice to let you know that all of our SSL certificates here at ChannelRUSH have been upgraded to SHA2 and are compliant with best practices regarding SSL encryption for your web browser connections.