Transform Hotel Bookings

Enhance your hotel’s digital presence with our advanced CMS API, tailored for seamless integration.

Elevate search functions, enrich content, and unlock upsell opportunities.

Streamline booking and reservation management effortlessly with our comprehensive CRS API, revolutionizing your hospitality services.

Real-Time Processing

Real-Time Processing

Every piece of data, from reservations to inventory, is processed in real-time. This means immediate, accurate updates, reducing errors, and enhancing guest satisfaction. Stay agile to market changes, optimize revenue, and achieve operational excellence. Elevate your hotel business with the power of real-time data processing.



Experience the Hotel CRS API’s potential, a dynamic JSON REST API known for its speed, agility, and seamless implementation. Crafted for enhancing hotel operations, this robust solution offers lightning-fast performance. Its lightweight architecture ensures efficiency, while statelessness ensures effortless scalability.


Create Bookings

Effortlessly handle bookings with our Central Reservation System API. Utilize live availability, restrictions, and inventory data for seamless management.

Unlock Success with Our Hotel CRS API

Step into the dynamic world of the hotel industry, where the Central Reservation System (CRS) API emerges as your strategic partner. Seamlessly bridging the gap between your CMS for hotels and the intricate landscape of hospitality, it simplifies booking, streamlines reservation management, and elevates content quality – all united within one comprehensive solution. Our Hotel CRS API represents the modern hotel enterprise, guaranteeing operational efficiency and a roadmap to triumph.

In the fiercely competitive arena of the hotel business, a robust CRS system is not merely an advantage; it’s a necessity. It serves as the linchpin, ensuring your hotel’s visibility, organization, and preparedness for expansion. With meticulous craftsmanship, our CRS API empowers your hotel business with the essential tools to thrive and prosper.

Support Your Implementation
With Our Admin Portal

custom app

Custom Booking App

Use our CRS API to create a custom booking engine, search rates and availability and place bookings in real-time.

mobile app

Mobile App

Tie booking services into your mobile app and all of upsells on check out.


Admin Backend

Manage existing reservations via the API, or view and manage all reservations created from your customers via our admin portal.

Getting Started – Next Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hotel CRS API?

A Hotel CRS API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions that allows external systems to access and interact with the functionality of a Hotel CRS. This allows third-party software, such as a hotel’s website or a PMS, distributed OTAs, and internal reservation services, to communicate with the CRS and update room inventory, rates, availability, guest information, and reservations in real-time.

Where can I find the documentation?

The documentation can be found here.

How does the Hotel CRS API benefit my hotel business?

Our Hotel CRS API enhances efficiency, enables real-time data processing, and simplifies reservation management, ultimately improving the overall guest experience.

Is the Hotel CRS API easy to implement?

Yes, our Hotel CRS API is designed for ease of implementation, making it accessible to hotel businesses of all sizes.

Can the Hotel CRS API be integrated into my existing hotel management systems?

Absolutely, our API is designed for seamless integration into your current systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

What sets your Hotel CRS API apart from competitors?

Our API is known for its speed, agility, and ease of implementation, making it a standout choice for hotel businesses looking to enhance their operations.