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Our Channel Management System is specifically designed for the dynamic needs of modern hotels.

The system is designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce overbookings, and boost revenue. It provides real-time insights and analytics, enabling you to make strategic decisions for optimal performance. Elevate your hotel’s potential with our comprehensive channel management solution.

CRS – Central Reservation System
We love product!

We love product!

Excellent product design and development is at the heart of everything we do.



Designed from the ground up to manage and report on multiple properties with ease.

High Performance

High Performance

99.999% up-time, launched on our reliable and powerful cloud network.

Experience superior management of rates, availability, and restrictions with our channel manager for hotels.

Channel Manager

Your PMS +
Our Channel Manager =

Integrating our hotel channel manager with your existing Property Management System (PMS) unlocks potent capabilities for managing your online distribution more effectively. This synergy allows for a comprehensive approach to handling your hotel’s presence across various online platforms. With multiple updated and editable reporting screens, you can easily view and manage the data transmitted from your PMS. This feature ensures that you have real-time insights into crucial aspects of your hotel’s operations.

Furthermore, our hotel channel manager enables the addition of extra rate calculations and enhanced availability controls. This means that before the data is sent to your selected channels, you can fine-tune the information received from your PMS. This added layer of customization ensures that your hotel’s rates and availability are not just accurately represented but also optimized for maximum revenue and occupancy. Embrace the full potential of your hotel’s online distribution with our advanced channel manager, designed to complement and elevate your existing PMS.


PMS Override

Selectively override or add to the rates, availability, or restrictions sent from your PMS.

Manage Promos

Manage Promos

Create and update promotions on your OTAs directly from our channel manager.

channel copy

Channel Copy

Easily copy rates, availability, or restrictions from one channel to another.

Gain Clarity with your
Hotel’s Online Distribution

Dashboards & Scheduled Reporting

Our hotel channel manager software offers a comprehensive solution for hoteliers to efficiently oversee their online distribution. Easily load your dashboard for an instant snapshot of your hotel’s online presence. The software allows for viewing detailed reports in HTML format for quick access or in EXCEL format for in-depth analysis and easy exportation of data. Additionally, you can schedule these reports to be sent out at specific times to various groups within your hotel management team. This feature ensures that all relevant personnel are kept up-to-date with the latest distribution metrics, aiding in informed decision-making and strategic planning for your hotel’s success.

CR CM Reports
custom app


Get useful information regarding your distribution at a glace with our channel manager’s dashboard.

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Reservation History

New reservation, then modified, then canceled? Individually view each stage of a reservation.

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Processing Status

Easily view the status of processing updates, PMS connectivity and health, user activity, and more.

99.999% Uptime
With A Focus On Reliability


PMS Outage?

If your PMS is temporarily offline, our channel manager will manage your inventory without overbookings until the connection is restored.


Health Monitor

Our channel manager monitors the health of the connection with your PMS to report outages or breaks in communication.

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Double Check

Updates are checked against the channel’s own reporting to ensure accurate transmission and identify any connectivity issues.


{I have been using the hotel channel manager for my vacation rental property and it has been a game changer. It has allowed me to easily manage my availability and pricing across multiple platforms.
{I have been using this hotel channel manager for a few months and have already seen an increase in bookings and revenue. The integration with my property management system is seamless. Thanks!
Rohaan, Independent Hotelier
{This hotel channel manager has increased my bookings and revenue for my property. The user interface is easy to navigate and their customer support is always helpful.
Margaret, Revenue Manager
{I have been using this company's software and services for my vacation rental business and I have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service they provide. They are always available to answer my questions and help me with any issues that come up.
Samantha, Vacation Rental Owner
{I have been using the software and services provided by ChannelRUSH for my small hotel and their customer service is top-notch. They are always available to help me out and provide me with the information I need to run my business.
We have worked with ChannelRUSH for years now. They are both reliable and responsive to our needs. The ChannelRUSH team is service-oriented, and have proven to be a great partner. We look forward to continued success in working with them.
Bay Landing Hotel
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Connect with ChannelRUSH to expand your hospitality distribution, or have it operate and fit in with your existing tech stack.

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTA)
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Central Reservation Systems (CRS)
  • Metasearch
  • Wholesalers
  • Revenue Management Systems (RMS)
  • Hotel Booking Engines

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Getting Started – Next Steps

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Reach Out
Submit our Book A Demo form or use our contact page to provide details about your channel manager requirements.


Convo & Demo
We’ll have a conversation about what you are looking for and how ChannelRUSH can fit in to your distribution strategy. We’ll also do a live demo and answer any questions you might have.


Trial Account
From there we’ll get your live trial account setup and then you are on your way! We’ll be here to answer any questions and assist with getting your channels activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hotel channel management software and how does it work?

Hotel channel management software is a tool that helps hotels manage their online distribution channels, such as booking websites and travel agencies, from a single platform. It allows hotels to update their room availability and rates, accept bookings, and manage reservations across multiple channels, streamlining the process and saving time and resources.

Are there any additional costs for using the software, such as monthly fees or commission charges?

We charge a fixed monthly subscription fee, with NO commissions on bookings made through the platform. You can find more info regarding our pricing by clicking here.

How can hotel channel management software help me increase bookings and revenue?

Hotel channel management software can help increase bookings and revenue by making it easy for hotels to manage their online presence and distribution channels. By updating room availability and rates in real-time across all channels, hotels can ensure they are always offering the best rates to potential guests. Additionally, the software can help hotels reach a wider audience by listing their property on multiple booking websites and travel agencies.

How does the software integrate with my existing property management system?

We can integrate with your property management system (PMS) to automatically send room rates, availability, and restrictions to points of sale (like and and then automatically transfer reservations and guest information create back to the PMS in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual updates, reduces the risk of data entry errors, and reduces the risk of overbookings.

Does your Channel Manager have an API?

Yep! You can find more information regarding our Channel Manager API here.

Features, Features, Features


Promotion Management

Skip logging into each extranet to manage promotions, create and update promos from inside ChannelRUSH.

Health Monitor

Our channel manager monitors the health of the connection with your PMS to report outages or breaks in communication.

Quick Update

Fire off ARI updates on an abbreviated screen quickly, even on your mobile phone.


View summary information at a glance to keep on top of things.

Multi-Property Controls

Search, view, manage and build out new properties on the fly. 10, 50, 100+ properties to manage? No problem.

Customer Support & Knowledge Base

Find answers to your questions via our knowledgebase, or contact our support from right inside the application via live-chat or ticket submission.

Office Hours

If your front desk isn’t 24/7, automatically close out for today’s arrivals as the end of the business day.



View all XML / JSON logs to and from the PMS, and to and from channels.

Scheduled Reports

No need to log in, schedule specific reports to be sent at certain times of the day or under certain conditions.

Detail Update

See how all rate calculations populate for all channels, before sending the data live.

Update Double Check

Updates are checked against the channel’s own reporting to ensure accurate transmission and identify any issues.

Reservation History

Retrieve reservations, included each version of the reservation (i.e. the initial/new, modified, and cancelled reservation detail).

Inventory Load

Copy information from channel to channel, or push the PMS image to new channels when they come online.

PMS Live Read

For PMS systems that support it – read live rate, availability, and inventory information from the PMS to address configuration issues.


Calendar Update

View ARI via calendar format, and make changes on the fly.

Opportunity Center

See opportunities to take advantage of to maximize bookings and revenue from your online distribution.

Reservation Delivery Status

See the status of the reservation deliveries to the PMS as well as email receipients.

Reservation Actions

Take action on reservations – mark as no show, cancelled, etc..

System Logs

See updating and user activity logged throughout the system. See who changed what, when, and from which IP address.

Content Delivery

Push updated room type descriptions, rate plans, and pictures to your points of sale.

PMS Disconnected Mode

If your PMS is experiencing an outage the system will manage your inventory without overbookings until the PMS is back online.f sale.

Property Defaults

Always have a 7 night min stay? Always no arrivals on a Saturday? Set defaults per property, then override them where you see fit.

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