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We empower hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals to enhance guest experiences by simplifying their online distribution processes through powerful, reliable, and integrated software solutions.

EST. 2005

19 Years In The Hospitality Software Business

Hospitality industry professionals dedicated to creating quality hospitality distribution software user experiences since 2005.


Easy To Use

Our software is designed with the flexibility to tailor solutions around your existing operations to optimize operations with less hassle.

Backed By Expertise

Delivering great software is our craft. Our engineers provide quality software design, continued development, and ongoing client support for versatile, high-performance solutions.
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Reliable & Secure

We operate in Google’s GCP, engineered to be one of the most reliable and secure cloud computing environments in the business.

Meet Your Hospitality Distribution Technology Partner

With ChannelRUSH, experience a blend of top-tier distribution technology and a sense of value that transcends mere pricing, setting a new standard for what you expect from your technology partners.
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Our Story

In the early 2010s, hospitality providers faced a significant challenge. Disjointed booking systems frequently led to overbookings and rate inconsistencies, causing widespread frustration and risking guest satisfaction.

Our founder, an enthusiastic software engineer with experience in hospitality, observed these challenges and created our flagship channel manager product. Developed in collaboration with prospective customers, every innovation was driven by the real-world demands and feedback of hospitality managers and operators.

The result? More control of online bookings, rate parity, and inventory, which let hospitality management companies focus more on enhancing guest experiences and less on backend complexities.

After addressing this crucial gap in the hospitality industry, we built on our foundation of listening and responding to the challenges our clients face. Our deep understanding of our customers’ frustrations and needs has shaped every facet of our software and continues to guide our operations.

Today, as we evolve and expand, the principles of innovation influenced by customer feedback remain at the heart of our company philosophy, ensuring that our solutions consistently enhance efficiency, profitability, and guest satisfaction.

{Their customer service is top notch. They are always available to help me out with the information I need to manage my OTAs.
{I have been using the software and services provided by ChannelRUSH for my hotel chain, and their customer service has been exceptional. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help me resolve any issues we might encounter.
{I have been using the channel manager provided by ChannelRUSH for my hotel business and I have been extremely satisfied with their performance. Their customer service is amazing, they are always available to answer my questions and help me with any issues that I have. Thanks!
Jacob, GM
We have worked with ChannelRUSH for years now. They are both reliable and responsive to our needs. The ChannelRUSH team is service-oriented, and have proven to be a great partner. We look forward to continued success in working with them.
Bay Landing Hotel
{Their customer service is truly outstanding. They are always available to assist me with the information I need to make informed decisions.
Mercy, Hotel Owner
{ChannelRUSH has provided us excellent service over the past decade for our 12 properties in California, regularly updating their system with new interesting features to keep up with the technology.
Good Night Inns

We’re Passionate About
User Experience and Product Design


Feedback-Driven Development

Our customers are a big part of our development process, as we listen and incorporate feedback into our product designs.


Quality Customer Service

We work with you each step of the way to ensure that you’re successfully onboarded to achieve your hospitality distribution goals.

Tailored Integrations

We help you create tailor-built solutions for your operations and infrastructure for the solution that fits your individual business.

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