Add Hotel Channel Management Services To Your Application Using Our Channel Manager API


For PMS, CRS, hotel channel manager, and hotel booking engine companies.

Our Hotel Channel Manager API lets you connect your software application to our channel manager, thus allowing you to provide hotel channel management services to your existing customers.

This includes the ability to send rates, availability, and restrictions for distribution and receive reservations from a hotel's set of channels. Compliant

We use the OTA standard for our interface, a common industry standard found at

Flexible Implementation

Ability to adjust to different implementation challenges between our two systems


Our hosting facilities and computer infrastructure are built with uptime and redundancy in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to implement the interface? Are there any associated fees?
A: It is free to implement the interface, there are no fees or charges associated with the development and certification of the interface.

Q: Can we resell your channel management services under a 'whitel label' directly to our customers?
A: No, we do not offer a 'white label' or allow third parties to resell our channel management services directly to their customers.

Instead, after completing the development of the connection, both companies could advertise to their customer base that they have an active connection together. A customer that wishes to particpate would be a customer of each company respectively.

Once the customer is active on the connection, customer could manage their OTAs from the user interface screens you have built into your product's platform, as well as log into ChannelRUSH directly to manage them if necessary.