Hotel Brand 1
Hotel Brand

What is a hotel brand? A hotel brand is referred to as the hotel chain (such as Holiday Inn, or Hilton) that a hotel joins...

Hotel Extranet 2
Hotel Extranet

What is a hotel extranet? The "front end" of a hotel sales website (i.e. Expedia.com or Booking.com) displays the hotel's information to allow guests to...

Hotel Cut Off Days 3
Hotel Cut Off Days

What does hotel cut off days mean? Cut Off Days (or sometimes also called Cut Off Hours or Cut Off Date) allows inventory to be...

CTD - Closed To Departure 4
CTD – Closed To Departure

What does CTD or Closed To Departure mean? When CTD aka “closed to departure” is set for a date, a guest can not book this...

CTA - Closed to Arrival 5
CTA – Closed to Arrival

What does CTA or Closed to Arrival mean? When CTA aka "closed to arrival" is set for a date, a guest can not book this...

Hotel Distribution Channel 6
Hotel Distribution Channel

What is a hotel distribution channel? A hotel distribution channel is an intermediary or company that creates the reservation on behalf of the hotel. Another...

Hotel Allocation 7
Hotel Allocation

The number of rooms a hotel has available to be sold.