Encryption 101

Here at ChannelRUSH we are always mindful of security and best practices, so we thought we would pass along this info graphic from Google about your friend - encryption!

From Google:

"We use locks to keep our homes and our possessions safe offline. But how can we protect our digital things, like photos on a smartphone or email traveling across the web? The answer is encryption.

Encryption scrambles your data so that only you can read it. To anyone else, it's unintelligible, random data. Digital communications—like your emails and where you go on the web—can be encrypted, making them incomprehensible to anyone who happens to intercept them while in transit. Devices can be encrypted, too, making it harder for thieves to access our data.

Encryption allows us to control our digital lives by protecting us from people we don't want to read, view, or copy our stuff, like hackers and governments looking to bypass legal process."

Google: Take Action