February 2020

Hotel Brand 1
Hotel Brand

What is a hotel brand? A hotel brand is referred to as the hotel chain (such as Holiday Inn, or Hilton) that a hotel joins with. A hotel can change...

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Hotel Extranet 2
Hotel Extranet

What is a hotel extranet? The "front end" of a hotel sales website (i.e. Expedia.com or Booking.com) displays the hotel's information to allow guests to book stays with the hotel....

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Hotel Cut Off Days 3
Hotel Cut Off Days

What does hotel cut off days mean? Cut Off Days (or sometimes also called Cut Off Hours or Cut Off Date) allows inventory to be closed out, or appear unavailable...

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CTD - Closed To Departure 4
CTD – Closed To Departure

What does CTD or Closed To Departure mean? When CTD aka “closed to departure” is set for a date, a guest can not book this date if their stay ends...

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CTA - Closed to Arrival 5
CTA – Closed to Arrival

What does CTA or Closed to Arrival mean? When CTA aka "closed to arrival" is set for a date, a guest can not book this date if their stay begins...

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Hotel Distribution Channel 6
Hotel Distribution Channel

What is a hotel distribution channel? A hotel distribution channel is an intermediary or company that creates the reservation on behalf of the hotel. Another way to look at a...

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Hotel Allocation 7
Hotel Allocation

The number of rooms a hotel has available to be sold.

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